Tips for choosing a good driving school

driving school tipsTo be sure you’re driving instructor is highly experienced and has been in the industry for a long time you can ask them for their Driving Instructor verification number (DI) when enquiring about driving lessons. The higher the number the less experience they have. This number can also be checked on the front or inside of your log book where they have signed or look for the DI number under the photo ID on the driver instructors car dashboard. Prestige Driving School DI number is 548, for newly registered driving instructors their DI’s have reached over 3000!

A quality driving instructor should always:

  • Give an outline of the driving course and tailor it towards your experience
  • Arrive on time and teach you for the full duration of your lesson
  • Allow you to asks questions
  • Explain what you will do at the start of the lesson
  • Explain in simple and understandable terms
  • Demonstrate when you don’t understand
  • Recap on your previous lessons and explain what to work on before the next lesson
  • Behave professionally
  • Praise you when your right
  • Assess your progress and give you feedback
  • Fills in your logbook for each lesson

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CONGRATULATIONS to learners on passing their drive test


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We teach you to drive in all weather conditions
We understand the importance for young inexperience drivers to learn to drive in all weather conditions, that's why at Prestige Driving School we aim to take you out rain, hail and shine.

Lesson Prices
60 min lesson $60